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Paul Berkelhammer
Paul Berkelhammer
Counseling & Psychotherapy
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You may not feel heard or understood well enough in life. And yet, the experience of being heard and understood by another person is how we come to know ourselves and to make changes. Our lives are often so busy and distracting that it’s hard to imagine slowing down long enough to find this kind of relationship. That’s what therapy is: a collaborative relationship that puts the focus on you, your experience in the world, and how you'd like things to be different. 

Over many years of providing therapy, I remain moved by a basic human fact – as much as we want change in our lives, our brains are “wired” to keep things safe, familiar and unhappy. This dilemma informs my approach to counseling and psychotherapy. 

I encourage you to take the step of getting help - you can call or email me. I will work with you to create a deeper understanding of your life, where you are now, how you got here, and where you’d like to be when you are doing better.