Paul Berkelhammer
Counseling & Psychotherapy
You are likely searching for a therapist because you want something to be different in your life. 

Therapy is most helpful when you can easily understand and apply to your daily life and relationships what you hear from your therapist. I have completed study and training in complex, therapeutic modalities, but my focus is on providing practical, useful and effective help for what troubles you.

There are many reasons to enter therapy. You may want to improve your relationships, make a decision, solve a particular problem, or understand what is happening inside yourself. Whether you are mired in depression or anxiety, struggling with self-esteem, loneliness, or just generally unhappy, I will first help you clarify your goals in therapy and then assist you in better understanding the related blockages, beliefs, perceptions, feelings and concerns. 

Research on counseling and psychotherapy shows that the most effective element is the quality of the relationship formed with your therapist. What matters most is that you feel closely listened to and empathically received. This creates an increasingly safe and reliable space in which you can effectively address why you sought therapy in the first place. 

I believe that therapy can bring great value to enhancing our lives at home, work and with loved ones. I am deeply committed to helping my clients get to the core of their personal struggles and the roots of their problems with others. 
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Paul Berkelhammer